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Medlab Middle East - Dubai

At Booth Z2.D55, our team will be highlighting cutting-edge advancements in biochemistry analysis, to experience our latest microfluidic technology and innovations. Our team will be on hand to provide in-depth explanations of our most sought-after products. We look forward to seeing you there!


Date: 05 Feb 2024 – 08 Feb 2024
Location: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong Economic Daily Hashtag HKET reported and introduced our BV100 pet health biochemical checking panel that can complete 23 parameters in 10 minutes! AT Green water-soluble poop bags. Biochemical examinations help us have a more comprehensive understanding of the physical condition of pets and provide veterinarians with a reference for precise treatment.

Abletrillion TrillionsMed will escort pet health services in Furtopia! Reported on 26 Oct, 2024.

A whimsical playground for furry pals to revel in boundless joy start open from 19 Oct, 2023 in HKSTP.